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C3HealthLink for Providers

The new healthcare pay-for-performance models are evolving. For a busy practice to participate in non-face-to-face chronic care requirements, their is a need for a way to coordiatnate and automate communication, care plans, goals, medication management, and patient communication. The C3HealthLink solution can assist providers in caring for their patients while supporting requirements for documentation of newly adopted CPT code 99490.


View our video below explaining how C3HealthLink can assist care coordinators with remote management of patients.


C3HealthLink Supports the ability for provders to:

  • Monitor Patient Populations Remotely
  • Keep Performance Measures and Care Plans on Track
  • Record Side Effects and Adverse Events
  • View up to the Minute Medication Management
  • Upload Labs and Test Results to a Secure Health Locker
  • Identify Chronic Subsets of the Population and Perform Triage
  • Communicate and Set Appointments via HIPAA Compliant Messaging
  • Take Advantage of Chronic Care Management Reimbursements CPT code 99490