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Conducting Clinical Trials for Pharmas and Biotech

Study sponsors need to engage patients in order to accelerate enrollment and to maintain a connection throughout the study. Patients who are “lost-to-follow-up” not only waste time, money, and resources, but also can ruin the results of a clinical trial. C3HealthLink can build and maintain patient connection, collect meaningful data, track patient status and improve the clinical research process through patient centricity.

C3HealthLink is designed to connect patients, clinical trial coordinators, and investigators in a patient-centric, collaborative care environment. C3Healthlink enables data sharing and HIPAA-compliant secure electronic communications among the study team members.

C3HealthLink works across any device: Computer, Tablet and Mobile. Patients use C3HealthLink to track their medications, appointments, and daily wellness. Clinical Trial Coordinators use C3HealthLink to monitor and manage their study population through system generated patient status reports and attention flags. You can monitor patient well-being, adherence to the study drug, side effects, and metabolic measures based on wearables, Bluetooth enabled medical devices, and direct patient feedback. Set study appointments, contact patients, and build trust with secure, timely communications.

In the clinical trial setting, C3HealthLink enables a patient to securely connect with a clinical coordinator at the study site to share data on their medical condition and medication compliance. The coordinator can work with the patient to invite, connect, and communicate with an integrated care team, including those specialists and ancillary health professionals involved in the management of the trial. C3HealthLink fosters collaborative care with a scheduling function to help patients keep track of their various protocol-specified appointments, and a messaging system that allows patients and study staff to electronically communicate on the protocol.