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Recently, payers have begun to offer bonuses to providers based on population health outcomes. Outcomes-based payments are expected to be the norm and unfettered fee-for-service agreements are disappearing. IntelliSante provides solutions for payment models that approach chronic care treatment with a primary goal of healthy patients. C3HealthLink helps to manage chronically ill populations, and empower primary care medical homes (PCMHs) that focus on preventive care services, and coordinated care through an integrated health system

The push towards EHR’s is the premise that they conceivably would allow opportunity for the entire care team to get on the same page. The challenge is that the all of the disparate datasets are not integrated into the EHR. The solution is the C3HealthLink Interact Platform. C3HealthLink’s home health software tool with personal health diary information, wearable datasets, medication management, and metabolic measures become parts of the database. Patients are empowered through custom goal setting, tracking, and even disease content. This in turn will make them responsible, involved and mindful about their healthcare while generating trust, engagement and compliance.

Features of the C3HealthLink Solution Include:
1 HIPAA Compliant Patient Monitoring, Communication and Care Coordination System –
Use C3Interact to coordinate care for your Chronic Disease patient population. Being held accountable for managing populations with multiple chronic conditions reflects the largest financial burden on the healthcare system.
2 Connect Patients to Comprehensive Care – Today’s providers need to consider each patient’s physical and mental healthcare needs. It also includes consideration for prevention and wellness, acute care, and chronic care across a team of care providers. C3 is designed to link patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers together in a patient-centric, collaborative care environment that allows for data sharing and secure electronic communications that maintain and improve the health and well-being of patients with chronic illnesses.
3 Care Coordinators Need a Collaboration Tool – Care coordinators are challenged to keep track of the different physicians, their patients and ongoing changes in disease management. Patients with multiple chronic conditions, across hospitals, clinics, diseases, treatments, and systems create complexity and confusion.
4 Patient Centric Care – A holistic approach to partnering with chronic disease patients and their families requires understanding and respecting unique needs, cultures, values, and preferences. C3HealthLink is designed to allow patient control of the software application based on individual patient needs. Flexibility is built in to allow for customization based on disease, medications, trackers, providers, and goals. C3HealthLink also leverages open API’s in the new class of “wearables” or metabolic sensors to provide a “data exchange hub,” allowing users to combine all of their metabolic data in one service.
5 C3HealthLink Supports Primary Care Medical Home – a philosophy of healthcare delivery that encourages providers and care teams to focus on the health and well-being of the entire person, integrating clinical and mental healthcare, and including patients and family members or caregivers in the care team. Recognizing that patients and families are core members of the care team, medical home practices ensure that they are fully informed partners in establishing care plans.