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Employees and Employers Are Aligned on a Common Goal

Employers and employees share a common goal: Health. Employees want to be, and get healthy. With aligned interests, employers and employees can form “Partnerships in Health” to promote positive behaviors that lead to cost savings for employers. These can be shared with patients through health insurance policy rebates. C3HealthLink is built for population health monitoring and coordination of care, that involves the patient. It is an excellent tool for employers to help employees manage health and reduce costs.

C3HealthLink will engage employees in their health, measure that engagement, and create opportunities for a new type of employer-sponsored health insurance plan. In effect C3HealthLink facilitates a “Well Care” Health Insurance Policy. Employee participants in C3HealthLink use the app to stay mindful of healthy habits, practices and even medication regimens. Intrinsic motivation helps them stay healthier than patients who are not engaged.

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Employers can provide employees with the added benefit of care coordination when they get sick or hurt and need to utilize the healthcare system. A connected health experience through technology and personalized care coordination, can also motivate employees with chronic conditions. By using C3HealthLink to track daily activities, medications, care plans and goals, forming personal personal healthcare teams, and communicating with those advisors for health and wellness. Employers who want a healthy employee culture, can provide motivation through insurance policy rebates or health savings accounts contributions for people who use C3HealthLink.

Everyone wins with the C3 Well Care Insurance policy. It is less expensive and creates better health for employees. It enables increased productivity and lower insurance costs for employers, by improving the risk pool. The savings, realized from prevention of “Sick Care” pay for the rebates and contributions for “Well Care” .