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Health and Wellness Management

The C3HealthLink app puts the power of managing your health goals, lifestyle, mindfulness and wellness in your hands with these key features:

• Gain control of your wellness, be empowered to take care of how you feel and your overall wellness
• Connects with medical devices to provide your integrated metabolic health reporting
• Allows you to assess your overall health and well-being with meaningful reports and insights based on monitoring and tracking – see what’s working and what’s not
• Ability to connect with your trusted personal care teams of doctors and health advisors through text messages
• Ability to schedule appointments, set reminders for appointments and medications, view metabolic data, and track medication compliance
• Provides you with a HIPAA secure health locker where you can organize, upload and store all of your health records, privately in one place
• Captures daily data on mood and lifestyle, medication adherence, allows for diary entries and side effect reporting for comprehensive wellness management
• Mobile interface that integrates all of the data for your condition(s), medications, supplements, personal trackers, metabolics, moods, wellness, activity levels, and personal goals
• Reporting that shows you progress over time, alerts you and your care team changes in your wellness, and provides for meaningful discussions with your healthcare team