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For the Care Coordinator

C3Healthlink software helps your practice to address the NCQA and CMS evolving standards and CPT codes associated with chronic disease management. The tool is an adjunct to existing EHR or paper based systems. It has been designed to assist the office care coordinator in population management related tasks, including documentation for reimbursement and non-face-to-face patient management, (CPT code 99490).

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The C3HealthLink system provides the care coordinator with an interactive dashboard to provide real-time data on patient health status. The Care Coordinator can communicate with their patients and members of their care team, via a HIPAA compliant messaging function. System navigation allows for a multitude of views including Summary, Survey, Meds, Team, Goals, Diary, Devices, Appointments, and Side effects.
Inviting clients and their caregivers, or additional care team members can be done from the dashboard. Patient status summaries are color coded to create visualization of priority patients. Simple click-thru by patient allows for easy drilldowns.
For more information and to download the app, please visit C3HealthLink.com

In summary, C3HealthLink helps the HealthCare Coordinator easily manage the tasks that are relevant to non-face-to-face chronic care management:

Effectively Manage Chronic Care Populations Link with Medical Devices
Record Side-effects and Adverse Events Store and Share Health Records
Upload Care Plans and Track Goals Up to the Minute Medication Management
Secure HIPAA Messaging Health Data Coordination: API’s, EHR’s, etc.
Caregiver Tie-ins Patient Health Monitoring