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For Patients

C3HealthLink empowers patients with control and insights. You control access to secure and private messages from your care coordinator and healthcare team members. C3HealthLink allows you to receive medication reminders. You can use it to track daily information about health, from wearables and other devices, so that you stay on plan, can report problems, symptoms and progress. C3HealthLink makes it easy to store your relevant health information in a HIPAA secure online health locker.

To learn more, watch the brief video below…

  • Is fully HIPAA compliant, meaning data will only be shared based on the patient’s settings
  • Lets you stay on top of medication adherence with daily reminders
  • Allows you to upload care plans and set medical goals
  • Is designed to allow patients to record side effects and adverse events and pass them on to a care coordinator with ease
  • Allows you to store and share your health locker patient information electronically for specialist visits, avoiding printouts and physical records.

For more information and to download the app, please visit C3HealthLink.com