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Patient centricity is the missing link in health care

Patient Engagement & Communication

Patients are often outsiders in their own Healthcare. Health Care Systems do not have tools for collecting Patient Centric data or tracking current health status, in non-face-to-face situations. C3HealthLink is a Patient Centric Health Management System. It is designed to fill the gap in Healthcare Data, by focusing on patient engagement. Empowered patients will better understand how to navigate between family, physicians, health insurers, healthcare regulators, pharmacists. C3HealthLink works to empower patients.

For Patients: The C3HealthLink app gives you an easy to read dashboard and HIPAA privacy protected control of your health and fitness records.
For Care Coordinators: We have created a portal which allows all the disparate members of the patient health team to work together, so you can track the patients that need your help. C3HealthLink Patient Centric engagement approaches, tools and platform provide a simple way to engage in better Health, collaboratively with their care team.

“The Patient is the only point of intersection for ALL Healthcare Data” Rich Purcell

C3HealthLink Patient Locker
The C3HealthLink Patient Locker is a privacy protected patient-centric tool to manage the patient’s care universe. All of their physicians and providers can communicate with the patient across healthcare system and technological barriers. The C3HealthLink Patient Locker can house different EHR system information, act as a hub for patient education, integrate wearables data and metabolics, provide instructions, navigate care and allow providers to communicate with each other about a given patient. Most importantly, it will allow the patient to change, collect and track relevant information in real time. This can be critical when it pertains to allergies, medication adherence, metabolics, diagnoses or a change of clinical status.

Quality patient education and monitoring tools: Until now, there has been little adoption of health literacy or appropriate education technologies. A patient-centric healthcare system would place both of these categories of technologies at the highest of priorities. They can both be tied to the patient C3HealthLink experience.

  • To frame patient-centered plans that offer true value to the end-user, the consumers.
  • To unlock real insights requiring a dialogue with all customer groups.
  • To ensure effective implementation. Strategically-aligned personal goal-setting is key.
  • To design internal and external auditing methods to measure progress.