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About Us

At intelliSante we believe that “Patient Centricity” is the key to better patient care management, disease management and overall patient wellness. Our solutions, C3HealthLink, C3Interact Platform and the C3 Knowledge Exchange offer a HIPAA secure solution, where the user experience is customized for all end users.

For Patients, the “C3” in C3HealthLink’s application refers to: Consumer-Centric Communications

Our Consumer Centric Communication tool provides a way for users to connect and track their health online through a web-enabled application, this includes user experiences across all devices (desktop, tablet and phone). Unlike single use applications, it allows patients to connect with how they are feeling, both physically and mentally – their well-being, daily activities, medication adherence and overall health profile.

The ability for patients to connect with a care team via secure, HIPAA compliant email messaging and have access to medical records via the C3 Health Locker creates a new type of experience. Patients who are empowered can become proactive. They can take responsibility and control of their health by understanding it and being mindful of health goals.

A HIPAA compliant, cloud-based patient health locker enables medical record storage and healthcare knowledge exchange that the patient controls (patients can invite their healthcare team to access their personal health information). Patients control their treatment regimen with medication reminders, compliance checks, side effect reporting, and a full medication history, and share your their disease management team.
The C3Interact Platform provides even more control over health data by generating meaningful reports, insights and recommendations to provide better health, outcomes and understanding. Patients and providers can build a collaborative personal care team of trusted health advisors empowered to exchange knowledge and information.

For the broader patient care Team, the C3Interact Platform creates collaboration, provides continuity, drives communication and efficiency, reduces errors, enhances the well-being of patients and families, and improves clinical outcomes.