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IntelliSante: C3HealthLink for Collaborative Care Management

Patient Centric

C3HealthLink provides tools to enable patients to become active participants in their own care, on a daily basis. The application is easy to use, provides secure messaging and a way to control your health information, and who gets to see it. C3HealthLink creates patient engagement based on intrinsic motivation.

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Care Coordination

For Primary Care practices, C3HealthLink provides a non-face-to-face population care management application. It includes a dashboard to help you know and see what is happening. You can securely track, help and communicate with your patients and members of their care team. The user interface is easy to understand and implement.

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Intellisante’s C3HealthLink solution, can assist providers in caring for their patients while supporting requirements for new PCMH and CMS non-face-to-face reimbursement management CPT code qualifications. The application is a time saving supplement to EHR based practices for help in documenting and tracking care time.

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